The Daniels Clarify Involvement With Star Wars Series

Everything Everywhere All at Once co-director Daniel Kwan took to Instagram to clarify reports regarding his and directing partner Daniel Scheinert’s involvement with the upcoming Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker confirmed that executive producer Jon Watts approached them to direct one episode of the Disney+ series, even before Everything Everywhere All at Once hit the theaters. In order to assure fans who were worried about them becoming a part of the “corporate machine,” he confirmed that their next project will be an original Daniels movie.

“Lol, all of the people @ing us about getting sucked up by the ‘corporate machine’ can chill,” Kwan posted on an Instagram story. “These headlines are always misleading. Don’t worry. We aren’t working on a whole series, we guest directed one episode. Jon Watts approached us to do an episode awhile ago (before ‘EEAAO’ even came out). We love Jon, love Star Wars, love learning new tech, we love meeting new cast and crew, and we needed the days to keep our healthcare (!!!) so it was an easy yes.

We shot it last year and had an incredible time working with the most talented cast and crew and I’m excited for you all to see it. Our next film will be an original Daniels project so you can stop worrying (and stop bothering me about it).”

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew is created and executive produced by Jon Watts and scribe Christopher Ford, who previously worked together on Spider-Man: Homecoming. The series will take place during the events after Return of the Jedi. Inspired by the classic Amblin films of the 80s, the project previously had the working title of Grammar Rodeo, which is a nod to a Simpsons episode featuring Bart running away for a week with a stolen car.

The series is also executive produced by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and Kathleen Kennedy. Production on Skeleton Crew wrapped last January. Currently, Oscar nominee Jude Law is the only cast member announced for the series. He will be joined by a young cast consisting of children between 11 and 12. There are currently no announcements yet regarding the identity of the rest of the leading cast.

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