Meet Nicolas Cage’s Dracula in the ‘Renfield’ Trailer

One of Nicolas Cage’s earliest, weirdest roles was as a man who believes he is turning into vampire in Vampire’s Kiss. It is Cage at his Cage-iest. It’s almost impossible to undersell just how wild and hilarious he is. You sort of have to just see it for yourself.

So Cage’s latest role feels sort of like coming home, or maybe fulfilling a long-planned destiny. This time he’s Count Dracula himself, the king of the vampires, in Renfield, a new horror comedy about Drac’s complicated relationship with his trusty servant, played by Nicholas Hoult.

Most of the film’s first trailer is about Renfield himself, but when Cage does show up at Dracula by the end this begins to looks really promising. Watch it right here:

C’mon, how do you not want to watch a movie about this dude?


Renfield is directed by Chris McKay, who previously made The Tomorrow War and the sublime The LEGO Batman Movie. The script is by Ricky & Morty writer Ryan Ridley, and based on a concept by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. Here is the film’s official synopsis:

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