JoAnn Oliver returns $543 she found under her KFC sandwich

A Georgia woman is being commended by authorities after returning the more than $543 in cash she found under her sandwich. 

In a Facebook post, the City of Jackson Police Department thanked JoAnn Oliver for her “honesty and goodness.” 

“On Wednesday, September 14, 2022, Jackson Police were called to Mrs. Oliver’s workplace. Mrs. Oliver had [gone] to a local restaurant drive-through on her lunch break and returned to work to enjoy her lunch. When she opened her lunch and removed her sandwich, she was surprised to find $543.10 in cash under her sandwich,” the department said. 

“After investigating the find, it was determined that the restaurant’s daily deposit had accidentally been placed in her sandwich bag. Not only did Mrs. Oliver do the right thing, but she saved the manager’s job,” it continued. “Mrs. Oliver, thank you for reminding us that we have amazing citizens in Jackson, and it’s people like you that make us great!”

According to WSB-TV, the grandmother had visited the fast food giant’s 3rd Street location

JoAnn Oliver returned the money.
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The cash was enough to pay off her electricity bills and her husband had suffered strokes and is battling cancer. 

Oliver told the station the family is facing medical bills totaling around $2 million. 

She admitted that she thought about going shopping “for a second.”

“If you don’t do the right thing it’s gonna come back on you,” Oliver said. “I mean, It wasn’t mine. I didn’t need to keep it. I’ll get mine in the future.”

KFC reportedly refunded the money Oliver paid for her lunch and gave her a free meal.

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